Mark Schlueter

Dr. Mark A. Schlueter

Professor of Biology

School of Science and Tech
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Dr. Schlueter is a zoologist (animal biologist). He has been teaching college courses for over 15 years. He has taught general biology, field biology, zoology, genetics, A&P, ecology and several others. He has led students on educational trips to Central America – including Costa Rica and Belize – and on several other adventures. Schlueter enjoys working on undergraduate research. He has been the research mentor to over 25 students. His research assistants have presented their work at major scientific conferences throughout the United States. Several have won the best student paper/poster awards. His first research students at GGC were the first two students at GGC to give oral presentations at a scientific conference. Currently, Schlueter's main research focus is on parasite beetles. Specifically Tribolium species (flour beetles) and Callosobruchus maculatus (bean beetles). Both beetles are major agricultural pests. In addition, he is working on human biology research with vision, as well as numerous other projects.


  • Doctorate – zoology (population genetics) – Miami University
  • Master's – zoology (environmental toxicology) – Miami University
  • Bachelor's – biology (B.S.) – University of North Florida
  • Bachelor's – psychology (B.A.) – University of North Florida

Academic Interests

  • Undergraduate research
  • Zoology
  • Field biology

Professional Affiliations