Negar Orangi-Fard

Dr. Negar Orangi-Fard

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

School of Science and Tech
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Dr. Negar Orangi-Fard joined Georgia Gwinnett College in August 2020 as an assistant professor of mathematics. She earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics (2008) followed by two master’s degrees in applied mathematics (2011,2015), and finally, a PhD in applied mathematics (2020).

Her present teaching and research focuses are on various aspects of applied mathematics, network science, data science and machine learning for different STEM and medical applications. She served as a teaching assistant in mathematics and data science related courses before she joined GGC. She is currently teaching mathematics, statistics and data science related courses at GGC, where she introduces students to the interdisciplinary skillsets of problem-solving, reasoning and modeling to prepare them for their future careers.

Her current research work is at the intersection of applied mathematics, data science, and medical and health informatics. Orangi-Fard applies her research to develop predictive models for early diagnosis and treatment monitoring of a range of health conditions, and she has published/presented in high-impact factor scientific journals, conferences and meetings.

She also runs an annual hackathon workshop and competition with a focus on applying machine learning and data sciences that exposes students to real-world industrial and medical problems and applications. The ultimate goal of this hackathon series is to help students to develop their career and future job opportunities in applied mathematics, data science and artificial intelligence.


  • Doctorate – applied mathematics – Kansas State University
  • Master's – applied mathematics – Kansas State University
  • Master's – numerical analysis – University of Tabriz
  • Bachelor's – mathematics – University of Tabriz

Academic Interests

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Natural language processing
  • Data mining and data visualization
  • Statistics and data analysis
  • Graph theory and network science
  • Combinatorics
  • Optimization
  • Numerical analysis


Peer-reviewed scientific articles, conference proceedings and meeting abstracts

  • Orangi-Fard, Negar, et al. “Predictive Model for ICU Readmission Based on Discharge Summaries Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.” Informatics, vol. 9, no. 1, Jan. 2022, p. 10.
  • N. Orangi-Fard, “Prediction of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”, 4th Annual Meeting of the SIAM Texas-Louisiana Section, South Padre Island, Texas, 2021.
  • N. Orangi-Fard, et al., "Predicting the Risk for ICU Readmission Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning", 5th International Conference on Medical and Health Informatics, Kyoto, Japan, 2021.
  • N. Orangi-Fard, N. Albin, P. Poggi-Corradini, "Maximum concurrent flow problems and p-modulus," Annual Meeting for the Northern States Section of SIAM, University of Wyoming, WY, 2019.
  • N. Orangi-Fard, N. Albin, P. Poggi-Corradini, "Maximum concurrent flow problems and p-modulus," 31st Cumberland Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing, University of Central Florida, FL, 2019.
  • N. Orangi-Fard, N. Albin, P. Poggi-Corradini, "Connections between multicommodity max flow problems and modulus," Midwest Conference on Combinatorics and Computational Computing, University of Minnesota at Duluth, Duluth, MN, 2018.
  • N. Orangi-Fard, N. Albin, P. Poggi-Corradini, "Multicommodity max flow problems and modulus," Great Plains Combinatorics Conference, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, 2018.


  • College of Arts and Sciences Recognition of Research Achievement Award, Kansas State University, 2019
  • Friends of Mathematics Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, Kansas State University, 2018
  • American Association of University Women Scholarship, Manhattan Community Foundation, 2018