Sairam Tangirala

Dr. Sairam Tangirala

Associate Professor of Physics

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Dr. Sairam Tangirala obtained his Ph.D. and interdisciplinary certificate in university teaching from The University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. In graduate school, he worked with Dr. David Landau and studied polymer film growth using statistical physics. In addition to research on polymers, he also worked with Dr. Craig Wiegert and conducted physics education research in the undergraduate physics laboratory classes. 

Currently, as faculty at GGC, he is involved in teaching undergraduate physics and in conducting research that includes evaluating and developing active learning pedagogy, studying the biological factors affecting the strengths of snails and developing undergraduate laboratory activities.

Details about his past and present works can be found on Tangirala's website.


  • Doctorate – physics – University of Georgia
  • Certificate – university teaching – University of Georgia

Academic Interests

  • Science education
  • Statistical physics
  • Non-equilibrium growth processes
  • Computer programming