Sean Kopinski

Dr. Sean Kopinski

Part-time Faculty, Information Technology

School of Science and Tech
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In order to be an effective teacher, Dr. Sean Kopinski strives to have an accurate grasp of the nature of students and of human nature in general. "There are two characteristics particularly relevant to the teaching discipline. First, we all have an innate desire for knowledge. If the teacher can stir up this desire by making the material relevant and within reach, then half of the battle is won. Second, the natural drive to learn is not perfect but is subject to both distraction and laziness. Therefore, the effective teacher must provide structure that reduces the opportunity for distraction and that discourages laziness. By accounting for both the positive and negative sides of human nature, the teacher will provide the most compelling environment for true education to take place."

Further, Kopinski stresses the importance of being well-informed about his subject, which comes from disciplined study. "Fundamental research is one of the important components of any teacher’s activity. Research stimulates the teacher to view his subject from many angles and also compels him to understand the limitations of the current level of knowledge. Furthermore, it fuels enthusiasm for the subject area and excitement about the material."


  • Doctorate – information systems – Walden University
  • Master's – business administration – Rollins College
  • Bachelor's – economics – University of Cincinnati

Academic Interests

  • Management information systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Knowledge management