Yohannes Gedamu

Dr. Yohannes Gedamu

Lecturer of Political Science

School of Liberal Arts
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Dr. Yohannes Gedamu completed his studies in political science at Georgia State University in 2017. His dissertation is titled: "Ethnic Federalism and Authoritarian Survival in Ethiopia." Gedamu's wider research interests include (but are not limited to), federalism studies, cross border societies and politics of development, democratization and authoritarian survival as well as regional organizations with a goal of understanding what leads to cooperation and discord. 

Gedamu's teaching interests range from courses in comparative politics (Eg: African Politics, Politics of Developing Nations, Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, South East Asian Politics and Politics of Economic Development) to international politics (Eg: Introduction to International Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, International Political Economy, International Institutions and Organizations and Politics of War and Peace). Moreover, Gedamu also teaches courses in American government where he also occasionally brings an international perspective in the discussion of most of the topics.