What are the requirements to become a teacher in Georgia?

At Georgia Gwinnett College, students who wish to become a teacher should:

  • Complete a bachelor’s degree program in one of the following:
    • Elementary Education (certification to teach grades P-5)
    • Middle Grades Education (certification to teach grades 4-8)
    • Special Education (certification to teach grades P-12)
    • Biology with teacher certification (certification to teach grades 6-12)
    • Chemistry with teacher certification (certification to teach grades 6-12)
    • Mathematics with teacher certification (certification to teach grades 6-12)
    • English with teacher certification (certification to teach grades 6-12)
    • History with teacher certification (certification to teach grades 6-12)
    • Political Science with teacher certification (certification to teach grades 6-12)
  • Pass the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) content tests prior to employment
  • Apply for a teaching certificate through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission

Has the GGC Educator Preparation Program been approved by the state?

Yes. In March of 2011, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission granted developmental approval to GGC’s Educator Preparation Program. The Commission’s decision makes GGC candidates eligible to receive recommendations for teacher certification. It also allows GGC to pursue national accreditation for academic programs in the School of Education.

Are there any special tests I need to take to be admitted into a program?

Yes, you must either pass the GACE Program Admissions Assessment (see above) or provide official scores from SAT, ACT or GRE that will exempt you from taking the GACE assessment (see exempting scores below).

  • SAT – 1000 on Verbal and Math
  • ACT – 43 on English and Math
  • GRE – 1030 on Verbal and Quantitative 

How do I apply to the educator preparation program?

Students will apply for admission to the School of Education during their sophomore year. Details regarding the application process are available from the faculty or from the School of Education office and be reviewing the Admission Criteria.

Can I study part-time?

Yes, you can complete your classes while enrolled part-time. You should work closely with your mentor to select a schedule that best allows you to successfully progress through the program. 

I want to teach and already have a bachelor’s degree. Can I just take courses toward certification to teach?

There are several pathways available in Georgia for attaining certification if you hold a bachelor’s degree. We would be glad to discuss those options with you. Please contact the School of Education at soegeneral@ggc.edu or 678.407.5603 for assistance.

Can I transfer education courses that I have taken at other colleges to GGC?

Yes, if the courses are equivalent to the courses in GGC’s teacher education programs and if the coursework has been completed within the time period required for acceptable transfer credit.

Are classes offered in the evening?

Yes, classes are available in the evening; however, some classes will require field work that must be completed during the school day.

Will I have time to work while earning my degree?

You can work while completing the program as long as your schedule can accommodate the requirements for completing school-based field experiences. Student teaching is a semester-long experience; students should not plan to work during the student teaching semester.

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