HEERF II and III / Emergency Funds

In December 2020, GGC was awarded additional funding under the Higher Education Emergency Relief II (HEERF II) funding in the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriates Act of 2021. An additional $6,735,165 in student funding was allocated to GGC. In June of 2021, GGC was awarded $21,194,446 in HEERF III funding. These funds were awarded to students who incur “emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus.” GGC must prioritize awards to students who show “exceptional need” when awarding HEERF II and III funding. Need is determined by using a student’s financial aid application information. GGC’s Student Emergency Fund provides assistance to GGC students in need. View CARES Act Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting for Section (a)(1) Institutional Portion and Section (a)(2). Email questions to @email.

    Qualifications for HEERF II economic relief?

    Pell Grant eligible students (based on completed FAFSA) enrolled in spring classes 2021 who were registered on March 5, 2021 will automatically be awarded. All others will need to apply: HEERF Emergency Fund Request Form (login required).

    Amount of HEERF II funding?

    For Pell Grant eligible students enrolled in Spring 2021:

    • $800: Qualified full-time students (12 or more credit hours)
    • $400: Qualified part-time students (6-11 credit hours)
    • $150: Qualified less than half time students (1-5 credit hours)

    There is a cap of $3,000 in CARES/HEERF II funds per student.

    When to expect HEERF II funds?

    Fund distribution begins the week of March 8, 2021 to qualified Pell Grant eligible students. Students who submit an application for assistance receive any approved funds as soon as possible following a thorough review of the application. Applications for emergency funding are reviewed weekly.

    Notification of HEERF II award?

    Eligible students will receive an updated financial aid offer notification with their HEERF II award through their GGC Claw Mail email.

    Disbursement of HEERF II funds?

    If a student is eligible, HEERF II funds will be processed in Grizzly Den within Banner. HEERF II funds will be disbursed by the student’s preferred method of payment on file with the College. For quicker delivery, we encourage students who are not currently enrolled in direct deposit to sign up through Student Account Center (login required).

    Applying for additional HEERF II funds?

    Funds may be available for students who are lawfully present in the United States, are not international students and who apply for assistance by completing and submitting the HEERF Emergency Fund Request Form (login required). These requests will be granted based on available funding, GGC’s awarding protocols as approved by the Board of Regents, and a student’s need and circumstance. This funding is intended for emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus such as tuition, food, housing, health care (including mental health care), or child care. 

    Applying for Student Emergency Fund assistance?

    Students who self-identify their needs by completing a CARES Act/Student Emergency Fund Request form (login required) can apply for these funds regardless of whether or not they have completed a FAFSA form. The need will be evaluated and funds may be awarded based on eligibility and demonstrated need.

    Didn’t complete 2021-2022 FAFSA for spring and summer fund requests?

    Students who have not submitted a FAFSA application can complete and submit their FAFSA form as soon as possible (no later than June 30, 2022). In the event new FAFSA applicants receive Title IV eligibility status, GGC will work to provide HEERF II fund allocations to these students as soon as possible.

    Students who apply for HEERF II funding for the Spring 2022 semester will need to complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA.

    HEERF II award statistics?

    GGC estimates that approximately 8,600 students may be eligible to receive HEERF II funding.

    HEERF II Funds Awarded

    Date Number of Students Amount
    02/02/2022 9,237 $7,968,004.01
    11/10/2021 9,313 $7,971,850.00
    10/07/2021 9,310 $8,000,000.00
    09/29/2021 9,309 $7,999,683.01
    09/23/2021 9,300 $7,987,297.92
    09/15/2021 9,296 $7,983,897.92
    09/01/2021 9,290 $7,975,824.76
    08/25/2021 5,828 $4,099,435.23
    08/12/2021 5,799 $4,050,170.69
    08/04/2021 5,785 $4,028,204.23
    07/28/2021 5,774 $4,010,128.07
    07/21/2021 5,770 $4,006,422.81
    07/14/2021 5,765 $3,998,603.30
    07/06/2021 5,754 $3,993,403.30
    06/22/2021 5,729 $3,982,716.30
    06/09/2021 5,667 $3,951,722.82
    06/02/2021 5,665 $3,872,768.25
    05/26/2021 5,661 $3,869,738.25
    05/12/2021 5,646 $3,858,200.51
    05/05/2021 5,643 $3,857,000.51
    03/31/2021 5,612 $3,829,260.51
    03/24/2021 5,569 $3,798,460.51
    03/18/2021 5,565 $3,797,460.51
    03/10/2021 5,458 $3,701,434.00

    HEERF III award statistics?

    HEERF III Funds Awarded

    Date Number of Students Amount
    03/31/2022 5,857 $10,935,612.10
    03/22/2022 5,854 $10,926,728.10
    03/10/2022 5,816 $10,808,888.11
    03/02/2022 5,742 $10,578,205.25
    02/23/2022 5,708 $10,470,468.40
    02/10/2022 5,596 $10,171,292.40
    02/02/2022 3,701 $4,109,427.87
    01/12/2022 3,633 $3,922,477.54
    12/31/2021 3,507 $3,566,950.75
    10/27/2021 3,486 $3,509,235.29
    10/20/2021 3,482 $3,504,540.14
    10/12/2021 3,472 $3,488,784.98
    10/07/2021 3,466 $3,483,379.98
    09/29/2021 3,456 $3,471,077.97
    09/23/2021 3,450 $3,463,226.97
    09/15/2021 3,446 $3,454,489.41
    09/01/2021 3,414 $3,422,55.45