Please complete the following form to submit a complaint to the Office of Diversity and Equity Compliance. View the Title IX complaint flowchart (PDF) to understand the process once a complaint is received.

Reporting Party [person making the complaint]
Is reporting party the alleged victim*
Request confidentiality*
Basic of Complaint
Check all that apply. Basis should be discrimination or harassment based on protected category or a complaint related to a form of Sexual Misconduct.
Basis of complaint*
Reported to Police
Reported to police
If Yes, which police department?
Respondent [person alleged to have violated the Policy]
Details of Complaint
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List those witnesses you believe have information about your complaint. Include complete information for each witness listed. If the Reporting Party is not the alleged victim, please identify the alleged victim as a witness below. Add additional pages if necessary.
Witness #1
Witness #2
Witness #3
Supporting Materials/Documents
List and produce any written materials or other documents you believe may help in investigating your complaint. Please include social media or text communications if available. Items may be physically provided or electronically provided.
Upload/attach supplemental documents
Additional Information
Have you previously reported or otherwise complained about this or related acts of harassment, discrimination or retaliation to a College supervisor or official? If so, please identify the individual to whom you made the report, the date you made the report and the resolution.
Please press Submit only once. You will be taken to a confirmation page after the form has been successfully submitted. Note that form submissions with file attachments will take longer to submit.