As outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, Georgia Gwinnett College has zero tolerance for all incidents of hazing, both on and off campus, perpetrated by student(s) and/or student organization(s).

In compliance with Georgia SB 85 "Max Gruver Act," GGC regularly tracks and reports all instances of campus adjudicated hazing cases and other criminal convictions arising from any incident of hazing. This reporting includes the following: 

  • Name of any school organization involved;
  • Date or dates on which the hazing occurred, and
  • Description of the specific hazing related findings, sanctions, adjudications and convictions for any person or school organization.

GGC Hazing Data

GGC hazing data is reported each semester. Last updated Aug. 7, 2023.

  • Campus adjudicated hazing cases: None
  • Criminal convictions arising from hazing: None

Additional information regarding hazing can be found in the Georgia Gwinnett College Student Handbook. Please use the online form to report hazing incidents. Reports may be submitted anonymously.