Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Claw Card? Do I need one?

    The Claw Card is your official GGC student ID. Every GGC student, staff and faculty member needs one. Your Claw Card performs a variety of functions.

    • Entry at the Wellness and Recreation Center
    • Student housing key
    • Printing at computer labs
    • Snack, beverage and laundry vending
    • Financial aid bookstore voucher
    • Required for entry into certain classes or exams
    • Meal plan access
    • Checking out equipment in the Wellness and Recreation Center
    • Checking out library books
    • Making student copies at the copier machines

    These are just some of the many uses of the Claw Card. As GGC grows, so will the Claw Card.

    NOTE: Report vending problems to 678.407.5529, and visit the Claw Card office in the event of a malfunction needing a refund.

    Where is the Claw Card office?

    The Claw Card office is in Building D, room 1470.

    Do I need a new card each semester?

    No, your Claw Card does not need to be replaced, even if you decide to take a semester off. When you re-enroll, your card will be reactivated.

    Do I need a different card if I live in student housing?

    Yes, you need a different card, but your card will look the same as non-residential cards. The Claw Card office will give you a special card that will also serve as your housing key. If you were a commuter and are moving into student housing, we will upgrade your card free of charge. After receiving your card from the Claw Card office, proceed to the Student Housing office and they will program your card to access your door. If you have any issues with your room key, please visit the Student Housing office before visiting the Claw Card office.

    How do I add money to my card?

    Currently there are three ways to add funds to your Claw Card. Online payments by credit card are accepted. Use the PHIL Machines, located in the Building B Atrium, Student Center, Library and Building 1000 (student housing) to deposit cash or use the web or mobile option and add Cave Cash to your Claw Card. Funds can be loaded in any amount via eAccounts web or mobile.


    You must have a saved payment method previously created in eAccounts using the web browser to make a deposit with the mobile eAccounts application.

    What do the different accounts on my card mean?

    Bookstore Vouchers

    Depending on your financial aid, you may be issued a Financial Aid Book Advance. Auxiliary Services will place these funds on your Claw Card to be used at the GGC Bookstore.

    Meal Plans

    Grizzly Dining services allows you to pay using Munch Money, Cave Cash, cash or credit cards. Flexible commuter student meal plan options are available.

    All meals are per semester; any remaining meals on your plan do not roll over to the next semester. However, the remainder of your Munch Money will roll over from fall to spring semester and spring to summer semester. During the summer semester, your munch money will expire after final exams when resident students are required to vacate student housing.

    If you would like to upgrade your commuter meal plan, you must do so within the first five days of the semester by visiting the Meal Plan site. If you use all of the meals on your meal plan, you can purchase an additional meal plan. If your Munch Money balance gets low, you can use Cave Cash and your Claw Card to purchase food around campus. Reload your Claw Card with Cave Cash at any time, in any amount. Cave Cash does not expire.

    Cave Cash

    These funds are voluntary and do not expire. Cave Cash can be used at all the campus dining venues just like Munch Money, but in addition, Cave Cash can be used for vending machines (when so equipped), the GGC Bookstore and Student Accounts.

    I have money on my card but am having trouble printing. What do I do?

    If you are having trouble printing with your Claw Card, please ensure that you have Cave Cash on your card. If so, and you are still having trouble, please visit the Claw Card office.

    My meal plan is not showing up on my Claw Card.

    If your meal plan is not showing up on your Claw Card, first make sure you have a meal plan. Second, please make sure all of your accounts are in good standing with Student Accounts and then visit the Claw Card office.

    What happens if I lose my card?

    There is a replacement fee. Please select this replacement fee link to pay that fee. Once the fee is paid, bring the receipt to the Claw Card office and your card will be replaced. Please note: once a new card has been made, your old Claw Card will not work. If you have any questions, call the Claw Card office at 678.407.5529.