GGC Claw Card Photo Guidelines, Examples and Submission Instructions

Claw Card Photo Guidelines

  • Leave ample space on all sides of the head
  • Show unobstructed, full-front views of the face
  • Have no other people in the frame
  • Are able to be cropped without cutting off any of the head, hair or face

Acceptable Examples

Claw Card acceptable example 1
Claw Card acceptable example 2

Unacceptable Examples

Claw Card unacceptable example 1
Claw Card unacceptable example 5
Claw Card unacceptable example 2
Claw Card unacceptable example 3
Claw Card unacceptable example 4

Claw Card Photo Submission Instructions

  1. Log in using your network username and password (user name is first part of your GGC email address, all before the and the password is your email password).
  2. Navigate to "Profile" tab
  3. Open online photo upload window: "click to submit a new photo."
  4. Upload photo that meets requirements, then crop and center.
  5. Submit once satisfied with image.

Submissions will reflect a pending status until printed.

Submit Claw Card Photo