Communications is the brand manager for Georgia Gwinnett College. All college communications are under the exclusive control and authority of Communications and shall comply with GGC brand standards established in the following pages, which outline proper usage of logos, colors, styles and trademarks.

The Communications team strategically manages multi-channel communications in support of the goals and brand of the college. The team is comprised of Public Relations, Digital Communications and Events Management professionals.

GGC Brand Overview

In a competitive and crowded higher education environment, a college or university’s brand has become more important than ever. Georgia Gwinnett College’s brand is our promise to people inside and outside of the college. It tells everyone what makes us special and unique.

GGC's brand is communicated through tangible and intangible elements, including interactions with students, parents, community members and our many other audiences, as well as the college’s logo, tagline, images, perceptions, personality and tone of voice. We must communicate clearly and consistently so we can support and enhance GGC’s unique brand.

GGC Brand Position

Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) is relentlessly focused on "access to success" for its students. "Access to success" is the commitment that students have access to innovative practices, relevant academic programs with degrees and certificates employers demand, flexibility, a caring and supportive culture, a robust campus life and affordable tuition. These are key drivers in the meticulous approach we take to address the needs of our diverse student body at all academic levels, of all ages and from all walks of life. GGC combines proven student/faculty engagement practices with small class sizes, individual attention, modern facilities, a diverse and inclusive culture and student mentoring to support our students through their educational journey to become graduates, contributing citizens and future leaders for Georgia and the nation. The GGC legacy of our students is generational – our reach stretches beyond our students to their families and communities.

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