First Day™ is a course materials textbook savings program designed to ensure students have their required materials within MyCourses (Brightspace by D2L) and are prepared for the first day of class.

This First Day™ inclusive access model offers significant savings, a simplified payment process, automatic enrollment and an option to easily opt-out.

Note: All students enrolling in participating courses will be automatically enrolled in First Day™. When ordering other course materials online, do not add First Day™ items to your shopping cart. Enrolled students who do not wish to receive course materials using First Day™ must opt-out by the semester/session drop/add deadline.

First Day™ Prepare

    Benefits of First Day™ Digital Course Materials

    • Deeply discounted. Pay less than the cost of the traditional printed materials sold in the bookstore or available from the publisher.
    • Simplified payment process. First Day™ digital course material costs are charged to your student account, the same as your tuition and fees.
    • Try it before you buy it. Your course materials are provided without charge through the drop/add period. If you are still enrolled in the course and have not chosen to opt-out of First Day™, your student account will be charged.
    • Ready to go on day one. Achieve success when you’re prepared on the first day of class with increased course content interaction. 
    • Save time and frustration. No waiting in line at the bookstore. No waiting for materials to come in the mail. Course materials are automatically available through MyCourses (Brightspace by D2L) for the first day of class.

    Cost of First Day™ Digital Course Materials

    The cost varies depending upon the platform and content used by the instructor, but First Day™ digital course materials are less expensive than purchasing directly from the publisher, sometimes less than a new, printed text.

    Charges to Student Account

    First Day™ digital course material charges are automatically applied for students who enroll in participating classes. The discounted price is charged to your student account one day before the payment deadline. Students must make payments to Student Accounts by the tuition and fees payment deadline. If you have financial aid funds still available, Student Accounts may automatically apply them against the First Day™ digital course materials charge.

    To use financial aid funds for course material charges, please complete your student authorization page. Do this by completing the Non-Institutional Charges Authorization through Grizzly Den within Banner financial aid page.

    If you opt-out of First Day™, you will need to purchase course materials on your own, and they will not be available at the discounted First Day™ cost.

    Opt-Out of First Day™

    Students may opt-out of purchasing the First Day™ digital course materials; however, students are still responsible for purchasing course materials and completing all assigned work.

    When you opt-out, it means you do not want the automatic charge for your course materials applied to your student account and you will no longer have access to First Day™ digital course materials.

    Opt-Out Instructions

    1. Select the option for the course in MyCourses (Brightspace by D2L).
    2. Click the course materials link for your course, then select opt-out at the top of the page. You are only able to opt-out up until the opt-out deadline.
    3. Confirm your choice to opt-out within the popup message by marking the checkbox and hitting confirm.
    4. Review the opt-out confirmation message.
    5. To opt-in again, select opt-in (before the deadline) at the top of the page.

    If you change your mind and wish to opt back in, you have until the opt-out deadline to opt back in. Once that time has passed, you will need to acquire the materials on your own.

    Dropped or Withdrew from Course

    If you drop the First Day™ participating course during the drop/add period, you will automatically be opted out, lose access to the course materials and will not be charged for First Day™ digital course materials. Students who drop or withdraw after the drop/add deadline will be charged for the cost of First Day™ digital course materials.

    Courses Participating in First Day™ Inclusive Access

    CourseCourse TitleCharged to Student AccountRetail CostSavingsCode
    BIOL-2251kAnatomy and Physiology I with lab$88.41$170.82$82.41BK02
    BIOL-2252kAnatomy and Physiology II with lab$88.41$170.82$82.41BK03
    BIOL-2260kFoundations of Microbiology with lab$93.43$126.36$32.93BK04
    BCHM-3100kBiochemistry with lab$50.00$121.95$71.95BK16
    CHEM-2211kOrganic Chemistry I with lab$83.75$121.95$38.20BK17
    EDUC-2110Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education$64.69$92.00$27.31BK18
    EDUC-2120Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity in Educational Contexts$24.16$34.36$10.20BK19
    EDUC-2130Exploring Teaching and Learning$64.69$92.00$27.31BK20
    FILM-1005Introduction to Film$46.19$49.99$3.80BK07
    FILM-2700Film History$44.94$49.95$5.01BK09
    GNDR-2000Introduction to Gender Studies$41.80$84.99$43.19BK15
    ITEC-1001Introduction to Computing$109.00$114.66$5.66BK06
    MATH-1001Quantitative Skills and Reasoning$84.36$89.99$5.63BK10
    MATH-1101*Introduction to Mathematical Modeling$107.35$125.27$17.92BK11
    MATH-1401Elementary Statistics$89.05$99.99$10.94BK05
    PHED-1101Choices for Life (inclusive access)$89.05$94.99$5.94BK01
    POLS-3450Modern Political Theory$40.86$44.00$3.14BK13
    SOCI-1101Introduction to Sociology$39.88$39.95$0.07BK08
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    Questions? Visit the bookstore, or email @email.

    Access troubleshooting? Email the bookstore (@email) or contact the technical support team of the publisher that provided your First Day™ digital course materials.