Dining FAQs

    If I live on campus, am I required to buy a meal plan?

    Yes. All residential students, regardless of academic standing, are required to purchase a residential meal plan. Learn about your meal plan choices

    I don't live on campus, am I required to buy a meal plan?

    No, however, it is recommended that all commuter students buy a meal plan. Plans will have Bear Bucks, meals or a combination of both. There are several options to choose from. Learn about your meal plan choices.

    What is the difference between an Access Plan and the Block Plan?

    Access is a plan designed for resident students who will rely on the Student Center Dining Hall for most of their meals. They are structured with a specific meal count per week. The Block Plans are set up with a total number of meals that do not renew each week, but instead are a block of meals for the duration of the semester. Both meal plan types come with a Munch Money or Bear Bucks balance, so students can enjoy all the dining facilities on campus. Get more information about meal plans.

    I want to change my meal plan. What do I do?

    Students may only request a change in their meal plan selection within the first five days of the new semester. However, you may add additional funds to Cave Cash at any time. Commuters may add meal plans when the previous plan is gone. If you are a commuter student, please visit the Claw Card office (D-1470) or Grizzly Dining (A-1767) to make these changes. If you are a student resident, please visit the housing office in Building 1000 to make these changes.

    Where can I use my Munch Money or Bear Bucks?

    Munch Money and Bear Bucks can be used at any GGC dining facility. Other forms of payment are accepted.

    May I use my meal plan at the National Brands?

    Meals can be used at the Student Center Dining Hall. Meal Exchange is temporarily suspended during modified operations.

    May I give part of my Munch Money balance to a friend?

    No. Meal PlansBear Bucks and Claw Card balances are non-transferable, but you can buy them lunch as long as you are present with the card.

    May I borrow my friend's Claw Card for lunch?

    Claw Cards cannot be used by anyone but the card owner.

    Will my Munch Money and Bear Bucks balances carry over from semester to semester?

    All meals are per semester; any remaining meals on your plan do not roll over to the next semester. However, the remainder of your Munch Money will roll over from fall to spring semester and spring to summer semester. During the summer semester, your Munch Money will expire after final exams when resident students are required to vacate student housing. Munch Money is non refundable.

    Bear Bucks are an addition to the meal plan that allow students to purchase food items at the retail venues or dining hall. Bear Bucks are taxable funds. Bear Bucks do not roll from semester to semester. Unused funds of $25 or more will be subject to automatic removal from the Claw Card and placed back on the student's account as a credit at the end of each semester.

    How can my parents add Cave Cash?

    Parents and family members may add Cave Cash to your Claw Card account online. You will be responsible for any spending that occurs due to a deposit.

    Do I bus my own table or does the staff do this?

    We do ask that you bus your serving dishes and utensils from your table when you have finished dining.

    May I take my unfinished meal with me from the Dining Hall?

    Since the Student Center Dining Hall is an all-you-can-eat venue, to-go containers are not allowed. Please refrain from taking food, dishes or utensils from the dining area.