At the college level, one must self-identify to the staff of Disability Services in order to receive accommodations. A student must also provide documentation that meets the eligibility criteria set forth by Disability Services.

Once a student self-identifies and provides appropriate documentation, the student will make an appointment for an initial meeting. The student will meet with a Disability Services provider to discuss services, requested accommodations and fill out required forms in order to register with Disability Services. Accommodation letters may be drafted at this time or at a later appointment.

Accommodation letters will be given to the student to provide to his/her instructors for services needed in each course. Students registered with Disability Services must request services every semester by picking up their accommodation letters and distributing them to their instructors for classroom assistance. Faculty members are not required to provide accommodations if they have not received an accommodation letter prepared by Disability Services.

For every accommodation, a student must initiate services. He or she must give the accommodation letter to the instructor indicating what his or her needs are. When a test is near and an accommodation is allowed, the student may collaborate with the instructor to provide the accommodation or make an appointment with Disability Services (at least three days in advance) for that accommodation. If that student is allowed a notetaker, he or she must communicate to the instructor about how that request is fulfilled. A notetaker packet along with a letter for the professor may be picked up at the office. 

These guidelines and procedures are provided to help students with disabilities develop self-advocacy skills. If at any time a student feels that he or she is having trouble or did not get what he or she needs, the student should return to Disability Services for additional assistance.

Required Documentation