School of Business (SBA) faculty and full-time academic advising staff work together to provide a comprehensive academic advising and career mentoring experience for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students.

Determining Primary Advisors | Academic Advising Season

Determining Primary Advisors

Your “primary advisor” assists with registration and changes as you progress through your academic career in the BBA program.

30 Credit-hours or Less (Freshman)

An assigned staff advisor serves as your primary advisor to ensure you get started with the appropriate prerequisites for future course work.

30-74 Credit-hours (Sophomore / Junior)

You'll transition to a faculty mentor as your primary advisor to focus on co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities at GGC, and academic and professional plans after college. 

75 Credit-hours or More (Junior / Senior)

An assigned staff advisor, again, serves as your primary advisor to focus on scheduling and registration of your remaining course work. Your faculty mentor continues to offer professional and career mentoring.

Academic Advising Season


  • Schedule academic advising with your primary advisor.
  • Gain valuable advice to progress in your program and graduate on time.
  • Satisfy advising hold requirements to remove holds.


  • Register for classes according to your time ticket invitation.

Semester Begins

  • Refer scheduling and/or registration issues to SBA staff advisors.
  • Connect with faculty mentors for career mentoring.

Please review your degree requirements, plans and suggested academic maps, and be sure to contact the School of Business's academic advising staff if you have any questions.