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Georgia Gwinnett College branded merchandise must be produced by and purchased from officially licensed vendors.

GGC partners with CLC, a national full licensing management company, to register and license vendors, protect our brand identity, and ensure only authorized merchandise includes our name and official logos. CLC works with vendors, providing our guidelines and high-quality logos to produce authorized merchandise. They also monitor the market for counterfeit or unlicensed merchandise.  

Branded merchandise includes items for general resale in the bookstore or other retail outlets and items for school consumption that are not for sale. This includes giveaway items and specialty print materials that are not currently available as part of the online ordering system for college stationery and nametags. 

Email licensing@ggc.edu for general questions about the licensing program or if the vendor you plan to work with is not on the list.

Steps to Order GGC Branded Merchandise

  1. Determine if your vendor is licensed by CLC. Your vendor will know or you may download a vendor list by following the instructions under “Steps to View Licensed Vendors List” (no login needed). 
  2. If they are not, they must become licensed by contacting CLC.
  3. When vendors are licensed …
    1. Work with them to design GGC branded merchandise.
    2. Ensure they coordinate design approvals through CLC. 
    3. CLC will coordinate final approvals from Public Relations. 

Steps to View Licensed Vendors List

  1. Go to CLC's Licensee Search.
  2. Search "Georgia Gwinnett College" under "Pick a school."
  3. Select "Search" to view full list of vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Examples of items that must go through the licensing process?

    Gifts, promotional items, giveaways, apparel … anything that includes GGC branding.

    Routine print materials included in the licensing process?

    No, however, any use of the college logo should be reviewed and approved by Public Relations. Please submit requests to www.ggc.edu/communications-requests.

    Why do I have to use a licensed vendor?

    The college licensing program protects GGC’s brand and reputation by ensuring that only approved configurations of the college’s marks appear before the public and that the products bearing the marks are of good quality.

    Georgia Gwinnett College requires that all manufacturers of products bearing GGC trademarks or images of the Grizzly Athletics mascot be licensed through CLC. GGC trademarks include, but are not limited to, the college name, wordmark and Grizzly Athletics logos. 

    Why do vendors have to be licensed?

    Manufacturers pay royalties to the college for use of its trademarks. These royalties are used to fund the licensing program and provide an added source of revenue to support other programs.

    What happens to items I purchase outside the licensing process?

    The item(s) will be confiscated, and you may be personally responsible for the cost of the item(s).


    Trademarks of Georgia Gwinnett College have been federally registered in the name of The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia by and on behalf of Georgia Gwinnett College. All other marks including names, symbols, colors, initials, images, graphic designs, or other indicia that refer to GGC are protected by federal and state laws. GGC’s name and trademarks may not be used without the express permission of the institution. Any item offered for sale using the above must be approved by the institution and manufactured by an official licensed vendor.

    GGC’s marks may not be used in conjunction with alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, gambling products, national flags, political symbols, and/or religious symbols. Additionally, trademarks are not to be used in conjunction with other brands, names, or trademarks in a way that might appear as an endorsement by the Institute. GGC retains and reserves all rights related to its intellectual property, including its marks.