Grizzly residents appreciate 24/7 student housing safety and security measures and professionally trained staff.

Key-Card Access

Access cards are required for admittance into student housing and keys are required for admittance into individual rooms. Guests are allowed entry only during visitation hours and are required to be escorted by the resident host/hostess at all times. 

24-Hour Coverage and Security

Professional and trained staff live and work in student housing to provide 24/7 security and availability for emergency response coverage. They are familiar with safety procedures and agencies throughout campus.

Additionally, GGC Campus Police patrol student housing frequently, along with residential staff who conduct rounds multiple times each evening.

Fire Safety and Protection

In accordance with GGC Campus Police and the Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services Department, fire drills are conducted periodically so that residents become familiar with building evacuation procedures. 

Student housing is equipped with following fire protection features:

  • Smoke detectors in all bedrooms, suites and hallways
  • Emergency evacuation diagrams placed on every suite door (interior side)
  • Fire safety tips, procedures and action posters placed on every bedroom door (interior side)
  • Self-closing doors in every suite entry/exit
  • Automatic sprinkler systems in all bedrooms, suites and hallways
  • Fire extinguishers on every floor
  • Fire alarm pull stations at every exit
  • Emergency lighting and exit lights

GGC is committed to safety, therefore, there are no stoves in student housing to avoid kitchen fires.

Secure Possessions

Residents are encouraged to lock doors to deter theft.

Safe Decisions and Practices

GGC strives to educate Grizzly residents and provide information and resources to make safe decisions.

Student residents are encouraged to obtain renters insurance to secure their personal belongings. Please also review safety and emergency communications for the campus.

GGC Public Safety

GGC Public Safety provides a safe and secure environment for the entire Georgia Gwinnett College campus, including student housing, and police and security officers are committed to serving, protecting and caring for the GGC community.  

Residents have access to Public Safety services including escorts, safety training, personal defense training, campus event security and lost and found.

For more information on housing safety and security, including emergency alerts, view the Housing Policies and Procedures