The Claw Card is the GGC Community’s key to campus. It is your official Georgia Gwinnett College identification card and with it you can access services, events and make purchases on campus without having to carry cash.

Where to use your Claw Card

Dining Services

Dining Services – accepted all
over campus at all dining venues


Library Card – use it to check out books

Student Copiers

Student Copiers – use it to make
photo copies

Recreation and Intramural Sports

Recreation and Intramural Sports – it is your ID card to participate

Vending Machines

Vending Machines – several vending
machines accept Claw Cards

Residence Hall

Student housing – it is the entrance card for student housing


GGC Bookstore – use it to make purchases, online or in store

Fitness Center

Wellness and Recreation Center – it is your membership card

Get Your Claw Card

  • Most students receive their first Claw Card during Grizzly Orientation.
  • You must present a government-issued picture ID (driver's license, passport, military ID, etc.) to receive your Claw Card.
  • If you have not received your Claw Card during Grizzly Orientation, you can pick it up in the Claw Card Office.

Check Balances

To see the funds you have on your Claw Card, please log on to MyGGC (login required) and click on the "Claw Card" tab at the top of the screen.

Add Money to Your Claw Card

When you add money to your Claw Card, you are adding Cave Cash or Munch Money. There are three ways to do this:

  • Faculty, staff and students can deposit money, in real-time, via MyGGC (login required) or the mobile app, Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts (preferred). Download the free app from iTunes App Store or Google Play.
  • Use the PHIL Machine to deposit Cave Cash, located in the Building B Atrium and Student Center. Machine takes cash only.
  • Visit Student Accounts. Payments in cash and/or by credit card are accepted. (Takes up to 24 hours to upload.)
  • Friends and family may also deposit money online.

Claw Card Funds: The Breakdown

Munch Money

Grizzly Dining allows you to pay using Munch Money, Cave Cash, cash or credit cards. All commuter students are encouraged to have a meal plan. Munch Money is tax exempt. Commuter student meal plan options are flexible to meet the needs of the commuter student. 

Cave Cash

These funds are voluntary and do not expire. Cave Cash can be used at all the campus dining venues, but in addition, Cave Cash can be used for vending machines (when so equipped), the GGC Bookstore and Student Accounts.

Financial Aid Book Advance (FABA)

Depending on your financial aid, you may be issued a FABA to your Bookstore account. Student Accounts will place these funds on your Claw Card to be used at the GGC Bookstore. Learn more about FABA.

Conditions of Claw Card Use

  • Your Claw Card is the property of Georgia Gwinnett College; you must carry it at all times while on Georgia Gwinnett College property, and present it upon request to any college official. 
  • The card is not transferable; if you allow another person to use your card or if you are in possession of someone else's card, the card may be confiscated, and both you and the other person may be subject to conduct or legal action.
  • If you lose your card, you must report the loss immediately to the Claw Card Office, so that your card can be suspended. You will be required to pay a $15 fee at Student Accounts and bring the receipt to the Claw Card office for a replacement.