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Eric Thomas Jr., GGC Graduate

Graduate Inspirations

Human development and aging services, gender studies minor

A random online search of different college majors led Eric Thomas Jr. to the GGC website, and according to them, it was like the clouds parted and a ray of light landed on their computer screen.

“One look at the description of the human development and aging services (HDAS) major and I was sold,” they said. “I felt a presence of assurance, which is very rare in my life.”

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Student researcher presenting at GGC's STaRS event

Students, faculty, alumni show off their research at GGC STaRS event

GGC’s School of Science and Technology supports student researchers.

The STaRS event helps student researchers as they go on to present at research conferences and meetings. The hope is that after they’ve practiced presenting their work, they will be able to communicate effectively about complicated topics with prospective graduate mentors and eventually, prospective employers, said Dr. Charles Pibel.

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