Bachelor of Arts

The BA degree in political science is for students interested in a wide range of career choices, including government service, advocacy, legislative assistance, international non-government organizations, non-profit management, education, law school and graduate school. Students may also choose to minor in political science. 

Course Catalog Requirements for Concentrations

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The minor in political science provides students in various majors across the college the opportunity to explore American and/or international politics in a way to complement their chosen fields. Additionally, an understanding of government and politics is critical to being an engaged citizen and contributor to one’s community. The minor in political science is structured to give students the flexibility to gain either a breadth of knowledge by selecting courses across the different subfields within political science or to gain an in depth knowledge by selecting courses within one subfield. A successful minor will complete 15 credit hours with a minimum grade of “C” in each course. Courses for a major course of study may not be used for completion of a minor in political science.

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