The Technology Ambassadors Program (TAP) aligns with GGC’s four pillars – scholarship, leadership, service and creativity – with a focused commitment to service learning. This award-winning program also addresses a need to increase the number of students who persist in an IT major or minor, particularly those underrepresented in computing.

Student Benefits

  • Enhanced technical, communication and leadership skills
  • Technical projects that demonstrate experience on your resume or graduate school application
  • Exciting opportunities to build strong peer networks, and contribute and get involved in your community 
  • Increased confidence, especially when speaking in front of groups and demonstrating leadership qualities
  • Affiliation with national STARS Leadership Corps with possible funding to attend STARS Celebration, an annual leadership conference.
View TAP Accomplishments and Awards

Both the GGC TAP program and student participants have received recognition for innovative leadership and awards for conference presentations during STARS events. Learn more about STARS Computing Corps, the non-profit that provided grant funding to establish TAP in 2012.

I enjoyed fostering teamwork and communication, not only with fellow IT students, but with people who have undecided majors as well as students at the high school and middle school levels. This is important because communication is a key skill to have in this field, and the more we focus on it now, the more it'll be better for us in the long run. This class helped me further break out of my shell and opened up a bunch of opportunities.

—2018 TAP participant
Learn more about TAP expectations and course outcomes.

Priority Application Dates

  • Submit by March 31 for spring semester
  • Submit by Oct. 31 for fall semester

Program Requirements and Selection Process

  1. Complete TAP application.
  2. Interview with TAP faculty to determine preparedness and eligibility.
  3. Enroll in STEC 4800 (requires faculty approval): 3-credit hour service learning internship TAP course.

Search the class schedule for course availability, using the following steps: 

  1. Follow link to class search.
  2. Select a semester.
  3. Locate and select “Science & Technology” in the subject list.
  4. Hit “Class Search” button.
  5. Scroll STEC-4800 options for Internship Service Learning specific to TAP.