Frequently Asked Questions

    What payment methods are accepted?

    GGC accepts various methods of payment and offers an extended payment plan.  View more information on paying your bill.

    Returned Payments

    Be advised that if your payment to the college is returned for any reason you will be liable for a service charge in the amount of $30 or five percent of the face value of the payment, whichever is greater. A notice of the returned payment will be sent to you via your GGC email account and the U.S. Postal Service. That notice will include a deadline for when the payment must be made.

    If a returned payment creates a debit balance on your account, a hold will be placed on the account. This hold will block access to registration, enrollment verification and graduation until complete restitution of funds is made. Once a hold has been placed on the account, the college reserves the right to demand that future payments be made in the form of certified check, money order or cash and that the student no longer be able to use personal checks as a form of payment.

    Why did I receive an error message while making a payment online?

    Students who receive an error message in the process of making a payment online may find that is due to one of the following reasons:

    • You have exceeded the daily charge limit on your card. For instance, if your card-issuing institution limits you to $1,000 in combined daily purchases, you will not be able to make a $2,500 tuition payment.
    • You have not yet activated the card used in the attempted transaction.
    • A fraud alert has been placed on your card.

    All students are advised to contact the bank that issued their cards to remedy any problems or errors with this payment method, as GGC is unable to override the bank's decision and the disputed payment will not be processed by the college.

    When will I receive my refund?

    Financial aid is, in part, based on enrollment status. A final assessment of your enrollment status (and account balance) cannot be determined until your schedule is finalized at the end of the drop/add period each semester. GGC cannot issue any refunds before the drop/add period ends. After that date, your financial aid award will be applied to your account, provided you have completed all required paperwork. Any credit balance will be refunded within 14 days of the disbursement of funds to your account.

    If financial aid awards or other payments become available after enrolling in Nelnet and there is a credit from the Nelnet payment, refund will be issued after funds are received from Nelnet. The refund does not include the enrollment and service fee paid to Nelnet.

    You may review your account in Banner to ensure you have a credit balance. If you have any additional questions, contact Student Accounts at @email or call 678.407.5293.

    Refund Information for Credits of $5 or Less

    Credit balances of $5 or less resulting from self-payments are not refunded. They are either applied to future balances or absorbed by the college. Credit balances less than $1 resulting from federal student aid payments are also not refunded.

    If you have a credit that is not refunded and would like a refund, please contact Student Accounts at @email or 678.407.5000.

    I don't see my financial aid on my account. Whom should I contact?

    If you are supposed to receive financial aid but do not see it on your account, please contact Financial Aid.

    I have no financial aid. What do I do?

    Students who are not eligible for financial aid should plan to pay their bill in full or use the Nelnet payment plan.

    How do I know if I owe money to GGC?

    Student Accounts emails bills to your GGC email address. You may always log onto the Self-service option to view your account online. Paper bills are mailed only when a student has a balance due but is no longer enrolled at GGC.