Grizzly Dining provides you with convenient, campus dining choices. There's lots of options and all venues accept your Claw Card funds (Munch Money, Bear Bucks and Cave Cash).

Venues and Vending

  • Dining Hall, Student Center
  • Chick-fil-A, Food Court, Building A
  • Panda Express, Food Court, Building A
  • P.O.D. Market, Food Court, Building A
  • Einstein Bros Bagels, Building B
  • Starbucks, Kaufman Library
Dining Menus and Hours


All buildings on campus have vending machines stocked with drinks and snacks. At least one machine in each building accepts Cave Cash from your Claw Card, all accept cash and some accept credit cards. Report problems to 678.407.5529, and go Student Accounts in the event of a malfunction needing a refund.

Grizzly Dining Health and Wellness

It's simple. We believe that good food is essential to a healthy life. Healthy for Life® is our commitment is to help you power your life on campus with healthy and wholesome choices available every day, making it easy for you to eat right.

Your Choices, Defined.

Meal Plans for Resident Students and Commuter Students

Meal Plans offer discounted package plans each semester. Selecting a meal plan is required for resident students, and choices are also available for commuter students.

  • Selection/changes are available up to the first five days of each semester.
  • Upgrades are available through add/drop.
  • Additional funds may be added to your Cave Cash at any time.
  • Find dates on the Academic Calendar.
Fall/Spring Meal Plans Summer Meal Plans

Access Plans (Meals per Week)

Access Plans (meals per week) are visits to the all-you-can-eat Dining Hall. These meals repeat/reset every week and unused meals during this week are forfeited.

Block Plans

Block Plans allow students to purchase a set number of meals to use any time over the course of the semester at the Dining Hall. All meals are per semester and do not roll over to the next semester. Remaining purchased meals at the end of each semester are removed from your account on or around the last day of the semester.

Munch Money

Students benefit from additional spending options when they select meal plans that include Munch Money. Purchase food at any retail brand or bring guests to the Student Center Dining Hall using Munch Money. Because Munch Money is rolled into a meal plan, it’s not subject to sales tax. All meals on the plans are per semester and do not roll over to the next semester. However, the remainder of your Munch Money will roll over from fall to spring semester and spring to summer semester. At the end of summer semester, any unused Munch Money will expire after final exams when resident students are required to vacate student housing.

Bear Bucks

Bear Bucks are an addition to the meal plan that allows students to purchase food items at retail venues or the Dining Hall. Bear Bucks are taxable funds. These funds do not roll over from semester to semester. Unused funds $25 and over will be subject to automatic removal from the Claw Card and placed back on the student's account as a credit at the end of each semester.

Meal Exchange (ME)

Students participating in meal plans can exchange one meal-swipe a day from the Dining Hall and use it at another campus dining venue. Locations vary. Please look for the ME sign by the register.

Cave Cash

Cave Cash funds can be used campus-wide at food venues and vending machines where Claw Cards are accepted. Adding Cave Cash to your card is voluntary and deposits can be made in any denomination. These funds do not expire. They roll over from semester to semester and from year to year until you are no longer a student. Once you are no longer a student, the money is applied back to your Banner account and is returned if there is no outstanding balance owed to the College for tuition, fees or fines.

Also view "Add Money and Check Claw Card Balances," below.

Add Money and Check Claw Card Balances

Check Balances

To see the funds you have on your Claw Card, please log on to MyGGC (login required) and click on the "Claw Card" tab at the top.

Add Money

Adding Cave Cash or Munch Money to your Claw Card can be done in the following ways.

Meal Plan rates are approved by the Board of Regents. Munch Money plans are tax exempt and cannot be traded, sold or transferred to a third party. Meal Plan holders may pay for guests using Munch Money, Bear Bucks, Cave Cash, debit/credit or cash at the Dining Hall door price.