Student Demographics at a Glance

Fall 2021 Statistics
SBA Headcount 2,335
Enrolled full-time 65.1%
Enrolled part-time 34.9%
Freshmen 31.3%
Sophomore 23.8%
Junior 20.1%
Senior 24.8%
Female 47.4%
Male 52.6%
Average age 23 years
American Indian 0.5%
Asian 14.2%
Black 30.5%
Hispanic/Latino 28.3%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.2%
White 25.6%
Undeclared 0.8%

Source: Institutional Research and Analysis, July 2022

Curriculum at a Glance

Retention (First-time, Full-time Freshman)Fall 2020 Cohort
SBA Cohort 1-year institution retention rate51.8%
SBA Cohort 1-year degree program retention rate47.8%
GGC Cohort 1-year retention rate58.8%
Graduation (First-time, Full-time Freshman)Fall 2015 Cohort
SBA 6-year institution-specific graduation rate23.6%
GGC 6-year institution-specific graduation rate21.2%
GGC 6-year system-wide graduation rate32.5%
  • Percent of fall 2021 credit hours taught by full-time faculty is 84%
  • SBA average class size for Fall 2021 is 30.
  • SBA program pass rates in all courses averages 84%.

SBA Faculty at a Glance

  Percent Full-time Faculty
Possess doctorate or other qualifying terminal degree 91%
In the past 5 years, published 2 or more articles in peer reviewed journals 78%
In the past 5 years, presented 1 or more refereed papers at an academic or professional conference 93%


In addition to advising and mentoring, in Fall 2021, 100% of faculty have recorded defined student engagement activities. In 2021, the faculty have participated in 263 engagement activities (e.g., Grizzly Orientation, Commencement, Convocation, field trips, and other activities directly engaging with students).

Employment of SBA Alumni at a Glance

Employment Category Percentage
Full-time 92%
Part-time 2%
Retired 1%
Unemployed by choice 2%
Seeking employment 3%
Alumni reporting annual income of $35,000 + 88%
Alumni reporting annual income of $50,000 + 55%


According to the U.S. News & World Report magazine, GGC was:

  • ranked the most ethnically diverse Southern Regional college, public or private (2015-2024)
  • ranked #14 in the "Top Public Schools" category

Based on the 2020 National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE), business students rated the following items higher than ALL peer categories:

  • evaluating their entire educational experience at GGC
  • if they could start over again, would they go to GGC

For more information about GGC and the School of Business, visit GGC facts.