Bachelor of Science

Exercise science is the multidisciplinary study of the function of the human body during various acute and chronic exercise conditions and is designed to promote the quality of life of individuals and society. Increased interest in sports, physical fitness, exercise and wellness has produced diverse career options beyond the more traditional role of physical educator in schools and colleges.

Graduates will be prepared to pursue ACSM Certified Personal Trainer or an ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist and will be prepared for employment as personal or corporate fitness trainers, health care professionals in cardiovascular / pulmonary rehabilitation programs, physicians’ offices, medical fitness centers or consult for research, public health and other clinical and non-clinical venues, and for professional educational programs in health care fields such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and as physician assistants.

The two concentrations provide students with opportunities for in-depth research that prepare them to pursue a variety of careers.

Exercise Science Clinical

This concentration is for students interested in dynamics of exercise at sub-cellular levels. Students in this program will apply the principles of exercise science to performing testing and interpreting physiological data for indicated and contraindicated exercise, as well as modifying exercise prescriptions and activity schedules for various populations and conditions.

Exercise Science Health Promotion

This concentration is for students interested in exercise and health promotion to assess, design, implement and modify safe and effective behaviors to improve health in both healthy and diseased populations. This program's concepts map to the concepts stressed for certification for a Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist.