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GGC in :60 shares events and happenings, and celebrates people around campus. It's produced by student interns studying Cinema and Media Arts Production.

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students examining device created for NASA MINDS

GGC students’ project proposals receive funding from NASA MINDS

Three teams of GGC students have received funding from NASA MINDS, to design, build and test their innovative project ideas to support the Artemis Program, which aims to land the first woman and next man on the moon by 2024.

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virtual peer mentoring program demonstration

Virtual Peer Mentoring program earns $20,000 award

The virtual peer mentoring program will help students develop skills, knowledge and a sense of belonging in the IT discipline early in their college career, while helping peer mentors enhance communication and leadership skills.

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Student studying outdoors on a laptop in one of GGC's online degree offerings

Georgia Gwinnett College to offer first fully online degree

GGC offers the IT‐software development major not only in the classroom but online, beginning summer 2021.

GGC students can expect the same level of expertise, rigor and faculty-student engagement whether they choose to study in the classroom or online.

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3 students pose with school mascot General