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GGC student Gaby Sifuentes in front of GGC's signature building B

Georgia Gwinnett College earns federal designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution

GGC has been designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) by the U.S. Department of Education. GGC is one of just two University System of Georgia (USG) institutions in the state that has achieved HSI status.

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GGC education major Naquasia Jackson in Gwinnett classroom

GGC education fellowship is a win-win for students, schools

Bachelor of Science in Education

The School of Education launched a fellowship pilot program this year, and the heart of the program is centered around the essence of teaching – relationships.

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GGC's Dr. Patrick Cain examines Joro spider

Are Joro spiders an invasive species? GGC ecology expert says not quite yet

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The sticky webs of Joro spiders are back in full force this fall, and it’s got scientists researching their nature as predators. GGC's Dr. Patrick Cain discussed the potentially invasive species.

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GGC graduates mosaic of diversity

GGC offers online degrees

GGC students can expect the same level of expertise, rigor and faculty-student engagement whether they choose to study in the classroom or online.

GGC student studying online from home to earn online 4-year degree