Medical worker administering an injection to a patient

Researchers say vaccine shortage doesn’t necessarily spur higher demand

Using the law of supply and demand, one would think that a scarcity of COVID-19 vaccines would result in more people wanting access to the vaccine. Not so, according to a recently published study.

“Vaccine hesitancy is a complex phenomenon,” said Dr. Amy Fehl, assistant professor of marketing.

Bachelor of Business Administration, marketing concentration

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Managers meeting over laptop in warehouse

GGC professor allays fears over national supply chain shortages

Bachelor of Business Administration, supply chain management concentration

While it’s no secret that ports around the nation are dealing with a logjam of ships vying for the next turn to be unloaded, Dr. Sanjaya Mayadunne says there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it will come sooner than we think.

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Student studying outdoors on a laptop in one of GGC's online degree offerings

GGC launches new online degree program for special education majors

GGC students who want to pursue a special education degree can now do so wherever they have an internet connection.

Bachelor of Science in Education, special education concentration

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GGC graduates mosaic of diversity

GGC offers online degrees

GGC students can expect the same level of expertise, rigor and faculty-student engagement whether they choose to study in the classroom or online.

GGC student studying online from home to earn online 4-year degree