The first-year experience pathway to success offers recommendations to help you navigate your first year at GGC. Review and integrate them into your personal and academic decisions and goals.

Get Started

Get to Know the Campus

Get Curious


  • Collaborate with your professional advisor or faculty mentor to develop an academic plan that aligns with your professional pathway.

Stay on Track

  • Ask your faculty mentor about pre-advising for programs not offered at GGC.
  • Utilize campus resources to maintain good academic standing and student integrity.

Learn about Traditions

Get Involved

Get Support

Build Connections

  • Introduce yourself to professors, staff members and peers to build your campus network.
  • Build a rapport with your professional advisor or faculty mentor.
  • Connect with upper classmen and peer mentors.
  • Become a peer mentor or Peer Supplemental Instruction leader.

Focus Forward

  • Talk with your mentor about your sophomore year and what is to come.
  • Register for sophomore classes.
  • Explore available scholarships.
  • Start building your college resume and get feedback from Career Services.