The Georgia Gwinnett College graphic identity is comprised of the tiered logo system and the college seal. This guide details the usage of all graphic components within the identity system.


Official GGC institutional colors, secondary color palette and application guidelines provide guidance on how to mix and match these colors while telling the GGC story.

Primary Logos

Official versions of and usage guidelines for the college logo and typeface take the guess work out of proper usage.

Tiered Logos

A tiered logo strategy connects GGC's schools, divisions and departments with the college brand, while communicating their various functions.

College Seal

Official GGC college seal, a full description of the symbolism and guidelines for usage thereof are just a click away.

This guide is intended as a resource for both internal departments and external vendors who use the institutional identity. It was created to help ensure consistent use of the institutional logos across a wide variety of applications. The following pages should be considered official policy of Georgia Gwinnett College related to all use and reproduction of the institutional identity.

All logos included within this guide are property of Georgia Gwinnett College. Any use without consent is strictly prohibited.

For additional information or for further clarification regarding anything in this guide, please contact Public Relations.