About the Grizzlies

Georgia Gwinnett College's students, faculty, staff, alumni and its vision and mission are embodied in the official mascot: the Grizzlies. GGC students selected the mascot by vote in 2008.

GGC Grizzly Image Usage

The official GGC Grizzly is trademarked and primarily for used by GGC Athletics and Enrollment Management Services recruitment to communicate GGC pride and college spirit.

The Grizzly image or any similar likeness should not be used in academic and/or classroom settings or contexts, including but not limited to official college reports, wayfinding signage, clothing, giveaways, or as a substitute for GGC’s official indicia or logo.

The Grizzly image is not to be used in any way that may adversely impact the college's image or reputation. It is not permitted on, or associated with unofficial social media accounts, political parties and organizations, firearms, or depicted on any alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drug or sex-oriented paraphernalia.

Any official use of GGC Grizzly imagery or terminology that is designed to be sold or distributed must have approval through GGC's licensing program before production.

General, the Costumed Mascot

The name of GGC’s official costumed mascot is “General.” The name honors the college’s founding president, Dr. Daniel J. Kaufman, a retired U.S. Army brigadier general.

General is a light brown colored grizzly bear and usually wears a basketball jersey bearing the current GGC Athletics logo. Since the unveiling in fall 2008, General has performed at various GGC events on and off campus, including grand openings, conferences, sporting events and festivals.

The costumed mascot program is managed by Student Life. Promoting college spirit, General is a goodwill ambassador for the institution.

Language Usage

Capitalize “Grizzlies” and “Grizzly” when those words apply to GGC programs, students, faculty or staff. Groups are the Grizzlies but an individual person is a Grizzly. Our teams are the Grizzlies, but a single player is a Grizzly.

The adjective form is singular, as in Grizzly Athletics, the Grizzly Athletics Complex, the Grizzly Growl Speaker Series, Grizzly Week, the Grizzly logo, etc.

On first reference in long texts to be read by outside audiences who may be unfamiliar with the college name and/or mascot, introduce the full name as “Georgia Gwinnett College Grizzlies.” Use “GGC Grizzlies,” “Georgia Gwinnett Grizzlies” or “Grizzlies” afterward.

The name of our costumed mascot, General, is capitalized.

The species name, grizzly, is not capitalized.


All members of the GGC community play a part in ensuring the GGC brand is used appropriately. Email @email with questions or for more information.