The School of Business centers and institutes provide professional support for the GGC and local business communities, students and leaders.

Business, Economic and Applied Research (BEAR) Center

The mission of the BEAR Center is to support the local business community with economic and business-related research and analysis as well as provide outreach services, including statistical and other business-related training. The BEAR Center is also committed to furthering the mission of the School of Business by fostering continuous improvement in scholarship and in student engagement.

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Location: W-2142

Dr. Mark Partridge, BEAR Center Director

Dr. Reanna Berry, BEAR Center Director of Accounting Services

Dr. Tracey Schaller, BEAR Center Director of Marketing and Communications Services

Dr. P. Wesley Routon, BEAR Center Director of Undergraduate Research

Center for Emerging Business Entrepreneurship (CEBE)

The CEBE provides GGC students with guidance and exposure regarding practical issues in business ventures. The CEBE coordinates its activities through various stakeholders to create and sustain an ecosystem of services for emerging businesses, entrepreneurship and business development. The CEBE leverages these collective experiences to support student engagement, learning and collaborative research activities. The CEBE also supports the Young Entrepreneurs’ Network registered student organization.


Location: C-2211

Dr. Phillip Hartley, CEBE Director

Dr. Jason Gordon, CEBE Associate Director

Dr. Brett Young, CEBE Assistant Director

Center for International Business and Exchange (CIBE)

The CIBE was established in 2006 to interface with the international business community and to provide interested GGC students with information regarding international business issues, ranging from studies abroad to career options. It establishes relationships with corporate entities and exchange opportunities with colleges and universities abroad. Since 2008, the Center has been responsible for planning and executing the School of Business education abroad program, allowing students to experience intellectual and personal growth through an integrated international educational experience.


Location: C-1245

Dr. Luis Torres, CIBE Associate Director

Dr. Jun Wu, CIBE Associate Director

Leadership and Management Development Institute (LMDI)

The mission of LMDI is to improve organizations by delivering effective evidence-based approaches in the areas of strategy, operations, human resources, project management, logistics, leadership, multiculturalism and organization culture.


Location: W-2101

Dr. Kyle Huff, LMDI Director

Dr. Steve Brown, LMDI Associate Director

Dr. Janita Rawls, LMDI Associate Director

Dr. Marieke Schilpzand, LMDI Associate Director