Part of the one-day orientation at GGC is registering for your classes. You will be advised about which classes to take prior to your registration.

What To Expect at Registration

As a new student, you will attend orientation, which will help you learn a few important facts about starting school and registering for the first time at GGC. During that session, you will receive information about what courses are needed for you to reach your goals and graduate. In addition, all students meet with a faculty member either individually or in small groups. The faculty member will help you with your initial registration. You will learn how to use the student web-based registration system, called Grizzly Den within Banner, while faculty and staff are there to assist. Please remember that you can be admitted without satisfying immunization verification requirements, but you will need to be sure to complete the requirement prior to registration.

Immunization Verification Requirements

All accepted students must satisfy immunization verification requirements prior to attending orientation.

Block Scheduling Overview

Your first registration may seem a little complicated because you want to be sure you choose the right courses to move forward to graduation. Block scheduling creates blocks of classes based on your major, test scores and other relevant information. Blocks are further designated as either "STEM" (science, technology and math) blocks or "non-STEM" blocks. Only incoming, full-time freshmen or transfer students with twelve or fewer transfer credits are eligible. View more information about frequently asked questions and important contacts for block scheduling.

Benefits of Block Scheduling

  • Simplifies the registration process
  • Ensures you are taking the right courses in the correct order for your academic program
  • Offers the best opportunity to register for a full-time schedule that works for you
  • Creates opportunities to find study partners and make new friends among the students in your block

Selecting Classes